A sketch of myself

   I was born and grew up in the northern part of Lithuania, Zemaitija region, in a cute village Budvyciai. In 1986 I graduated from Siauliai Pedagogical Insitute, Art department. I have been taking part in exhibitions since my studies there. I am an Art teacher at Druskininkai Rytas Gymnazium.
   Ideas for my art works usually come from constant observation of the surrounding world and meditation. Nature is the greatest source of inspiration for my pictures with its great variety of compositions, texture, space, floods of light overflowing different surfaces, the most sensitive and delicate tones, colours and shades or reflections. I love examining and investigating the same motive by getting deeper into it ,improving made composition, matching colours until they start playing.
   I am greatly impressed by the light we donít see, but most often feel. I mean inner brightness of a man. Itís hard to describe it, but it sometimes sparkles at most unexpected moments. The more I get to know people, the more I admire modest ones, who are able to rejoice at everyday small things. Thatís why I started figure drawing.
   From time to time I put down my thoughts into my diary, also making some sketches for compositions of my future works, expressing my state of mind, emotions or feelings.

© Virginijus Sutkus